Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out Stitch Box Monthly!  We are a monthly subscription service for sewing!  Check out the products for detailed descriptions on what will be included in each box, and after our boxes go out, we'll update the Sponsors and Featured Brands page with products and companies featured in the boxes!

Stitch Box Monthly was started by Katie, and she lives in Texas with her very supportive husband and her two beautiful babies!  She loves sewing and getting packages in the mail, so she decided to start a company that combined the two!

If you would like to buy a Stitch Box Monthly subscription for someone as a gift, send me a message when you purchase their box(es) and I'll include a special card and/or message for them!

Returns and exchanges aren't possible, since this is a surprise box of goodies each month and can't be reused by the company in a future month's box.  If you are not satisfied with the contents of your box, or if something arrives damaged, please send us a message at StitchBoxMonthly@gmail.com and we can discuss your situation.  All products in the boxes are guaranteed to be new.  If you have a problem with a specific item in a Stitch Box Monthly box, contact us and I can direct you from there.  Some issues will need to be handled by the manufacturer of the item itself.